Tager&Co. works with nimble leaders eager to take their organizations to new levels of success.

Many come to Tager&Co. after disappointing experiences with other communications and marketing consultants. They bought in to the idea that a new logo or website, different advertising, or more publicity would boost sales and attract investors. They hired the largest global PR company, the award-winning healthcare agency, the integrated-marketing firm. The result? Lots of money and time lost — no meaningful benefit. Our clients are ready to break this cycle.

We primarily work for business-to-business organizations targeting large institutions. Their sales process is long and intricate with a lot at stake. The more complex the challenge, the more Tager&Co. distinguishes itself in adding value.

Many of our clients are proven entrepreneurs leading mission-driven organizations. They’re at the forefront of solving youth unemployment and creating economic opportunity; making breakthroughs in cancer and Alzheimer’s treatments; helping university endowments improve investment performance so they can offer more financial aid.

They’re brilliant, demanding, and have the confidence to be true collaborators. We’re privileged to work with such leaders and to spend each day focused on such important issues.

Some present and past clients include: